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Mazatlan Real Estate Guide - Introduction to Mazatlán


A Short Introduction To Mazatlan

By Rex Chambers

If you haven't fallen in love with Mexico, its only because you haven't been here. With 6,000 miles of coastline, you have many beachfront options including the exotic Caribbean Sea and the romantic Pacific Ocean. There are 1.5 million Americans home owners in Mexico today. They estimate the number to approach 12.5 million in the next 20 years.

Having spent a great deal of time in Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan over the last 8 years, I must say it reminds me of what I've read about Virginia City in the mid 1800's. It's not a gold rush, but there is lots of speculation going on as the baby-boomer reach out for the lifestyle and affordability that Mexico has to offer. You have to get by the border skirmishes and media dramas and visit the country in person to see what's really going on down here. Its not only a peaceful and safe community but there are beachfront condos under construction everywhere, Wall Mart and Sams Club have been here for years, Office Depot and Home Depot opened late 2006.

Sharp Medical Hospital offers top of the line heath

care with English speaking doctors. New restaurants and specialty shops are opening monthly. Its hard to explain but many people say its just another day in Paradise!

The Mexican people really make living here a pleasurable experience because they appreciate the wealth we bring to their economy. They make you feel special down here in a genuine way. The people have respect for culture and families which transcends the social environment, and you can feel it.

What takes this from a vacation to a lifestyle is explained many different ways but affordability is at the top of the list. Waterfront condos in the low $300,000's with property taxes around $300 a year is enticing. The cost of living is much less and medical costs are considerably lower than in the US. Check it out amigos - you won't be disappointed.


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